An orchestra of art and technology which delivers a unique and unpretentious experience in mobile gaming 


The most thunderous, crazy and action-packed 2D racing game is now available for PC and Mac on Steam. After a very successful launch on iOS, a bigger and better incarnation of Rude Racers with plenty of action and new features is available on Steam for ONLY $1.99!


Ball at Work is a unique fusion of arcade and platform styles with elements of physics-puzzles that became popular on the mobile platforms in recent years. A year after we first created this concept for mobile, we are confident that it is best enjoyed in its purest form on PC and are super-excited to announce a limited-time FREE Early Access release on Steam!



Our latest project, which was recently made available for open beta testing on Android, is a supremely relaxing and addictive experience for all the casual gamers out there! Travel to the many beautifully designed, detailed locations and catch and smash the raging balls of fire with your water gun. A truly unique shooter with some very advanced physics, Fight the Fire is all set to be your new daily fix to unwind at any place and time!


Our flagship product- Rude Racers- is a fast and furious bike racing game with plenty of crazy action that is spread out over 5 varied and fun Seasons of the single-player campaign to offer an unmatched depth of content in the genre. Cutting-edge AI, satisfyingly crunchy combat mechanics, loads of different competitions ,and vibrant graphics make Rude Racers the definitive 2D combat-racer for mobile and PC!


Experience the thrill of the high-flying antics of the Crazy Ball as it bounces around the dysfunctional office! Ball at Work is a unique and outstandingly fun physics-based puzzle game and is currently published for Android by Doublethink Games. With plenty of stuff to bounce and break, this is one wacky office you'd never want to leave!


Inspired by demolition derby, robot wars and the over-the-top theatrics of the Attitude Era (nineties folk will know!), Mean Machines is by far the most advanced and visually stunning project we worked on. Enter your machines into the battle arena and face-off against the enemy bots in intense death matches! Feel the force of big explosions and the bite of dangerous contraptions and unleash the ultimate carnage in this high-adrenaline action game that is now available exclusively for iOS!


Our first game- Doggie Run- is a refreshingly challenging endless runner with a twist. Take control of the naughty dog as you sprint through the bustling countryside- fly past the speeding trains,  hop around the treacherous boulders, and collect outrageous power-ups to help you get as far as you can! With AI and mechanics that were far ahead of their time, this is the project that marked the start of Famous Dogg's eventful and exciting journey in the games industry!


Famous Dogg Studios is a small team of indie game developers and designers, operating out of New Delhi, India. Highly driven and inspired by the thrill of old-school gaming and real-world phenomena, we look at games as an extension of our own experiences and try to distill the core of these experiences into how we conceptualise, design and implement our games. We take risks and are always looking to tilt the axis for how games are made for the mobile platforms by striving to create unique and world-class products through painstaking attention to detail and by following data-driven practices throughout the entire development life-cycle to ensure high quality and usability of our products. 


Backed by our strong foundations in Engineering, Design, Artificial Intelligence and a profound understanding of the human aspects of computing, we consistently enhance and widen our skills through meticulous research and by following best-practices in technology and design and centring our activities around an ethical and sustainable business-model.


Founded in late 2015, the venture was started as a one-man outfit with the aim of developing programmatic test-beds for novel motion and path planning algorithms and our first game- Doggie Run- was designed as a proof-of-concept. Soon, the interest in our work grew to a point where a highly experienced and talented group of people were brought together to build games professionally and embark on a shared journey in a truly exciting and limitless industry.


Shashwat Mittal 

Founder and production-lead; Programming

Rahul Verma

Art, design and animation

Umar Mukhtar 

Production assistant


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