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Shoot water & blast the blazing fire balls in this fun & addictive casual game!

Fight the Fire is a unique and innovative game with thrilling and addictive gameplay. Driven by realistic physics, the scenarios generated during the gameplay are always unique and will test your reflexes to the maximum!



Unlock and travel to new locations from the raging volcano to historic warzones and the scorching furnaces of the industrial zone, as you use your water cannon to unleash some serious destruction on the falling balls of fire! To increase your score multiplier, build up a combo by taking out the balls rapidly and if you are quick enough, you will enter the Wipeout mode and completely dominate the next few balls!

Smash the special bonus balls to get coins that can be used to upgrade the level of damage that your water cannon can inflict or spend your coins to increase your bonus rewards for future levels.

Every 5th level in Fight the Fire is a Boss Level where you’d come up against the massive and fearsome boss rocks that crack open to reveal even more fireballs!

With over 40 levels (and new levels being added almost each week!), lots of variety of fiery balls that each pose their unique challenges, and plenty of cool content to unlock, Fight the Fire is your definitive daily dose of casual fun and thrilling action!


  • Beautiful, minimalistic design theme with pleasant colours and fluid menus for easy access.

  • Intuitive controls-- just hold and move the water cannon across the screen to play!

  • Special fire balls that will shoot, spin and bounce around to add to the fun and craziness!

  • Unlock new, highly-detailed backgrounds and skins for your water cannon.

  • Compete for the top spot on the global leaderboard by setting the highest score.

  • Custom haptic feedback and vibration effects add to the immersion and make for some tremendously satisfying explosions!

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