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Dodge traffic, run past trains & farms & dash over rivers in a fresh new runner

DOGGIE RUN- refreshingly challenging endless runner with a twist!



Doggie –the naughty dog, is at it again! The sun is up and he cannot resist the urge to break out and run through the bustling countryside. He dodges traffic and runs across the dusty roads, sprinting through vast stretches of scenic, green farms, as his helpless human friend chases frantically to retrieve him.

The dog runs past fast trains and hops around boulders and trees, dashing up the sparkling river and over bridges as he explores the vibrant and exciting world around him, tackling challenges in a rush of joy and mischief!

Run along an endless path packed with speeding cars, monstrous trucks, lingering bullock carts and roaming cows, timing your sprint to avoid the train and the angry bulldog waiting to leap out from ambush. Collect balls and bones along the way and use exciting power-ups and summon the Doggie Copter to fly out of a tight spot.

Come along on a unique adventure and experience the chaos and thrill of the countryside in this addictive new dog runner!


  • INTUITIVE AND PRECISE CONTROLS- drag to either side and hold to turn. Slide up or down to use power-ups.

  • PICK UP AND PLAY- casual at first, the game progressively becomes more challenging and introduces new elements and obstacles.

  • RUNNER WITH A TWIST- no monotonous lane switching- take full control and explore the environment and form your own strategies. No two runs are the same!

  • CLEAN, MINIMAL UI- simple menus to get you straight into the action. Just tap on the help button while playing to show hints and tips.

  • ONLY THE BEST- Despite its simplicity, Doggie Run uses rigorously tested algorithms to generate obstacles and monitor player progression and difficulty, coupled with cutting-edge AI for path planning.

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