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In-game LiveWire Competition: Applicable to the LiveWire feature in all games

- The Steam Gift Cards will be awarded to the top-three users from the leaderboard
- Users participating in a non-Steam version of the game are not eligible for the Gift Cards.

- Users who may have received a free copy of a product for testing purposes will not be eligible for the Gift Cards.
- We reserve the right to make changes to the gameplay and/ or the competition's duration without prior notice.
- For leaderboard entries of different users who have the same best time at the top of the leaderboard, we will rely on our internal data to determine which user achieved the time in fewer attempts and declare them the winner.
- Gift Cards' actual value will vary for users based on their geography and other settings on Steam. The values of the rewards indicated here are approximate.
- To comply with Steam's policies, we will add the winner to our friends and the gift card will be sent to them 3 days after they accept our invite.
- If the winning user fails to accept our friend invite or their friends list is full, the reward will be passed over to the user with the next best time on the leaderboard.
- If the winner's profile is private or if they change their display name before the competition ends and we are unable to find them on Steam, the reward will be passed over to the user with the next best time on the leaderboard.
- Winners who are sent a gift card will be approached on Steam chat with a request to post a confirmation on the Community Hub. Failure to cooperate will result in their participation being scrapped from subsequent events.
- We disclaim any responsibility for technical issues that affect a user's standing on the leaderboard such as data-corruption, loss of data etc. or any other occurrence whatsoever that might compromise the integrity of the scoring system.

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