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Zombie Escape: Pull the pins & save your friends!

Be a hero and rescue your friends from the zombie apocalypse by pulling the pins!


Zombie Escape is a fun, innovative and beautifully designed puzzle game where you select your hero and venture into the town that is battling a zombie apocalypse. 


Pull the pins, move through elevators and break bricks as you try and eliminate the zombies one by one to solve the puzzles and uncover the path to goal. Each level poses unique challenges and is full of traps and objects that are fully interactive—push the zombies into the fire, lure them into metal cutters, drop crates on their head and much more.

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"Pull pins, break platforms, toggle switches and solve many more exciting puzzles to save your friends!"

The challenges and puzzles get harder as you progress through the game as herds of zombies keep invading the town and infecting more and more people! Every small aspect of the game is designed with great detail and quality. With beautiful effects for fire, water and splendidly rich and vibrant environments, the experience in Zombie Escape is one to behold!

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"Exciting physics-driven action"

Despite the simple controls and bite-sized gameplay experience, Zombie Escape packs a punch with some of the most satisfying and extreme action. Feel the crunch as the zombies get squashed by falling objects or splatter them all over the place by trapping them into an electric arc! 


"Unlock new heroes and special weather effects"

Complete the levels and collect gold coins to buy new and exciting characters or unlock special moods for the gameplay ranging from detailed effects for rain and thunderstorm to gusty sandstorms and a quaint autumn setting!


Download the app now and put your brain to work to rescue the town from the zombie apocalypse in the best pull-the-pin game ever made!


  • Simple controls with familiar pull-the-pin mechanics

  • Vibrant and beautifully detailed environments and characters with loads of special effects

  • Precise sound effects and gameplay music to set the mood

  • Tremendously satisfying action—feel the intensity of the destruction as the zombie apocalypse unfolds!

  • Unlock new characters by collecting gold coins

  • Change the mood with dedicated settings for rain, thunderstorm and more!

  • New levels are added regularly to the Early Access version

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